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[Press Release] Accel Group Won Four Tenders for MVAC Projects & Swimming Pool Projects Total Contract Value of Approximately HKD 226 Million The Strength of the Group Has Been Affirmed



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[Press Release]Accel Group(1283.HK)Entered into a New Track, Paricipate in the Construction of Solar Power Generation Project



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[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited(1283.HK)Was Awarded with Listed Enterprises of the Year 2021 by Bloomberg Businessweek(Chinese Edition)



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[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited (1283.HK) Announces 2021 Interim Results



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[Press Release] Accel Group(1283.HK) Won Two Tenders for Kai Tak Project, Becoming the Largest MVAC Engineering Service Provider



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[Press Release] Accel Group(1283.HK) Dr. Ko Lai Hung, Chairman of Accel Group, was Awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Social Responsibility 2021”



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[Press Release]Accel Group(1283.HK)to Announce 2021 Annual Results



Self Photos / Files - download-icon2021-06-25

[Press Release] Accel Group Subsidiary Wins “Most Reliable Leaders of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services Provider 2021” Award Rising Strength, Scaling Position



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[Press Release] Accel Group was Awarded Star Electrical and Accel Group Won Industry Award Again Awarded Elite Awards 2020 - Star Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Enterprise Award



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[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited(1283.HK)Won Two More Prizes



Self Photos / Files - download-icon2020-11-27

[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited(1283.HK)Announces 2020 Interim Results



Self Photos / Files - download-icon2020-11-23

[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited(1283.HK) Awarded as Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion by Forbes



Self Photos / Files - download-icon2020-11-11

[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited(1283.HK) to be Included in the MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index



Self Photos / Files - download-icon2020-09-28

[Press Release] Accel Group Holdings Limited(1283.HK) business development makes smart adjustments

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